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2021 Services and Fee Schedule* (taken as an example from ccw dispute resolution)

1.  Hearing fee per day or part-day (includes preparation of award)                     $4,000.00


2.  Interest arbitration fee per day (includes preparation of award)                      $5,000.00  


3.  Mediation fee per day or part-day                                                                          $4,000.00

4.  Wrongful dismissal mediation (1/2 day)                                                                 $2,500.00  


5.  Executive Sessions held on day other than the hearing date                  up to $4,000.00


6.  Cancellation fees 


         i) notification of cancellation received between 15 and 30 

            days prior to a scheduled date                                                                       35% of fee


        ii) notification of cancellation received 14 days or fewer 

            prior to a scheduled date                                                                                50% of fee


       iii) notification received prior to initial day of hearing pursuant to 

            an appointment under section 49 of the Labour Relations Act, 1995         $1,500.00


7.  Conference calls, complex interim awards and review of briefs lengthy 

     or post-hearing written submissions                                                              up to $400/hr.


8.  Disbursements (e.g. travel, hearing room, accommodation, meals, 

     conference call fees etc.)                                                                                   as incurred 


9.  Charges may be included for significant travel time on days prior to 

     or following hearings or meetings.                                                                 up to $400/hr. 


10. H.S.T. will be charged on all fees and disbursements.                     H.S.T. #

* In the event of a disagreement related to fees, I agree to be bound by any determination made by the Fee Mediation Service of the OLMAA. 

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